The hunt is on to find Cumbria's favourite trees

Have you got a tree with a story? Then find out how you can protect it for future generations...

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River Eden tree
I've been a forester on the Lowther Estate for more than 30 years and it's been a privilege to look after this very special ancient tree. Legend suggests that if a limb breaks away then the incumbent Earl will fall. Naturally, we try not to let this happen!

Why Cumbria's 50 Top Trees?

Connecting people through their environment

Throughout human history people have needed trees for fuel, food, shelter and inspiration (they’re great for wildlife too). Now, for the first time ever, Cumbria’s Top 50 Trees will showcase the trees that people love in our very special county.

Safeguarding our trees

By raising their profile, Cumbria’s Top 50 Trees may help to protect trees from thoughtless development or vandalism. By nominating your favourite tree for inclusion in our list, you keep it in the public eye which will help to safeguard it for future generations.

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31st March, Penrith Library

Do you treasure trees? Then join the hunt to find and celebrate Cumbria's Top 50 Trees. Join this event.

Nominate your favourite tree

Please take a few seconds to nominate your favourite tree in Cumbria so we can celebrate and protect it for future generations. Simply fill in your name, email address and contact telephone number, tell us a little about your tree and click submit.

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